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The Commission on Taxation has completed its work. Enquiries relating to the Commission should be made to the following e-mail address in the Department of Finance e-mail:

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Commission on Taxation Report

Commission on Taxation Report is now available for download. To see list of downloadable pdf files please click on REPORT

Commission On Taxation

The Commission on Taxation was established on 14 February, 2008 to review the structure, efficiency and appropriateness of the Irish taxation system. In setting up the Commission, the Tánaiste, Brian Cowen, TD, indicated that its work would help establish the framework within which tax policy would be set for the next decade at least, and that it was important that it take a strategic, considered and balanced perspective that recognised the evolving challenges ahead.

The work of the Commission is being conducted in the context of the commitments on economic competitiveness and on taxation contained in the Programme for Government:

  • to keep the overall tax burden low and implement further changes to enhance the rewards of work while increasing the fairness of the tax system,
  • to ensure that our regulatory framework remains flexible, proportionate, and up to date,
  • to introduce measures to further lower carbon emissions and to phase in on a revenue neutral basis appropriate fiscal measures including a carbon levy over the lifetime of the Government, and
  • the guarantee that the 12.5% corporation tax rate will remain.